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Blue light blocking glasses.  Because it's no longer an's a must.  

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Protect Developing Eyes

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EyeZease Helps Protects Your Kids Eyes from Harmful Blue Light

At school, doing homework, playing video games, on social media, watching videos... your kids are constantly exposed to artificial blue light from desktop and laptop computers, tablets and phones.   

Too much exposure to blue light can cause eye strain, sleep problems, irritability and even macular degeneration.  

The best protection is, of course, limiting screen time but for when your kids must be on screens, there's EyeZease. 

EyeZease provides a layer of physical protection boys and girls need against the harmful effects of artificial blue light.  

It's no longer an option, it's a must.  EyeZease.

See Why Your Kids Need Extra Protection from Blue Light?

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