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What is Blue Light

Often referred to as a high-energy visible light (HEV), natural blue light comes naturally from sunlight. This natural blue light helps regulate our circadian rhythms, or sleep cycles.  

Artificial blue light is emitted from digital devices such as laptop, smartphones, tablets and TVs.  Many studies done on blue light show that too much exposure to artificial blue light from these devices can cause sleep problems, cause eye strain, fatigue, and maybe even pre-mature macular degenration.   

The problem here is that exposure to artificial blue light is starting at younger and younger ages.  Children are growing up looking at screens through their days (whether for school, homework, videos, video games, social media...) and into the night, when a break from blue light is needed to maintain those circadian rhythms so important to sleep.  

Blue light can affect all ages but young eyes are particularly vulnerable to blue light, as kids eyes have not fully developed the protections of adult eyes.  The long hours kids spend in front of digital devices puts them at a higher risk than ever before. 

Screen time should always be minimized if possible but due to so much screen time these days, physical protection against blue light has become a must to protect your kids  

Get some peace of mind in knowing you are providing a physical barrier your kids need against the harmful effects of blue light.